About US

GAMA Innovation Corporation was founded in Neihu Hi-Tech Industrial Park, we dedicated in refined and industrial computerized publicize, our product are in great demand all over the world. Hence, achieve the place we hold now in technology industry.
Recently, our company started extending on concerning about nowadays energy crises, and takes the subject of energy saving seriously. With the familiarity of Hi-Tech industry, we got the dealership of the most competitive green product and set up a green energy business—GAMA in the international market.
We gradually integrate our company together, to provide the finest quality and service for customers.


GAMA Innovation Corporation has invested in insulation paper technology more than seven decades.
GAMA Innovation Corporation ripened from semi-product. From 2009,GAMA Innovation Corporation started to integrate all procedures to pursue making top of window film for users. All the procedures are controlled under the highest level conditions,which were made in high grade clean room,with constant temperature and GAMA Innovation Corporation keep improving excellent performance on insulation paper.


GAMA Innovation Corporation designed and developed all resources (from BO-PET to Nano ceramic coating) in isolation cleaning room.GAMA Innovation Corporation devoted to provide users better living space for transportation and architectures. GAMA Innovation Corporation devoted to reduce the global warming.


Great ressearch and development ability is GAMA Innovation Corporation core value of innovation and development.GAMA Innovation Corporation professonal R&D team,which gathered the top experts from global world.GAMA Innovation Corporation R&D team keep pursuing new innovations and inspired by the Mr.Chang spirit,which means keep improving to perfect.GAMA Innovation Corporation R&D team also keep improve the original products to next level to achieve the goal of sustainable operation.

Sales vantage

1. Combine the quality of heat protection and optics of the thinnest ceramic material.
2. Maintain most of the visible light transmittance that passes through the film.
3. Comfortable reflectance rate, without hurting your eyes.
4. The color of the appearance will not fade off.
5. The propylene molecule on the surface prevents the film from being scratch
6. Contain anti-oxidize material and can also endure moist.
7. The persistence of the material won’t decrease due to the solarization of the sun or the long term of using.
8. Films which are applied to cars have guarantee 5years of product assurance and for
9. Architecture is 10years—-the colors won’t fade.

Unique vantage

1.Won’t be interference by electromagnetic wave, such as: mobile、GPS、remote.
2.The lowest visible light reflection (inside), could mass decrease the mirror effect, and increase driving safety.
3.Doesn’t contain any stains, not like the average kind of film which has fading problems.