Coating process


Exterior Checking

Checking the body appearance of vehicle has dents or damages before car wash, and making sure that vehicle has not been baking paint within one month.

Car wash

1. Using the high pressure water to wash out the mud and stain.

2. Spraying the professional carwash detergent to whole vehicle for a while.

3. Using the special sponge to clean the vehicle.

4. Washing out the detergent.

5. Using the soft and fine rag to wipe the vehicle.

6. Using the high pressure air nozzle to blow the water out on the vehicle.

Remove the iron deposits & particles

Using the special chemical removes the iron deposits and particles that could cause the serious corrosion. This is very important step before coating, because iron deposits and particles remain on the vehicle that can still corrode the sheet metal after coating.

Sealed the chrome parts and unpainted area

Chrome parts and unpainted area are easy to get the scratches when expert polishing the vehicle, therefore, they have to been sealed by paper tape before polishing.

Polishing work

Polishing is another key step before coating. Due to the polishing work, it could make the large different of brightness on the vehicle. If car detailing shop ignores the importance of polishing, it cannot present the 100% result of car coating.

Degreasing work

The Importance of degreasing is that the unnecessary grease can make negative effect of the coating chemicals. Using the special cloths to absorb the grease remained on the sheet metal.

Coating work

After completing previous steps, using GAMA nano ceramic coating treatment equally and regularly wipe on the vehicle. Once the surface of coating is slightly dry, using the special ultra-fine fiber cloth cleans whole vehicle to finish the work.