Jump starter

GREEN GAMA Jump starter Instant Emergency Assistance The Powerful Auto Starter About GREENGAMA Power bank for auto jump starter:

GREEN GAMA Jump starter is revolutionary product designed for starting vehicle.
By applications of new technology and innovation, we convert a traditional auto storage battery into a portable good whose size is like a smart phone.And it’s thickness is only 5 cm that is very different from the traditional auto storage battery! Otherwise , GREENGAMA Jump starter could output up to 200 A much higher than traditional auto storage batteries having only 1A output current, further go with power management MPS chip to optimize our products and speed up the effectiveness. No matter SUVs, trucks or sedans would be restarted many times by GREENGAMA Jump Starter within 3 seconds. It also has no problems that becoming the backup power bank for smart phones and laptops.

On the other hand, there are utterly perfect manufacture lines and we offer OEM/ODM service for our clients , we also can customize products according to the user’s needs. GAMA INNOVATION CORPORATION provide an exclusive brand value, and offer perfect after-sales services. GREENGAMA Jump starter definitely is your best choice of power bank and jump starter!!

Main Functions:
– Car / Motorcycle Jump Starter

– Power bank for Mobile Devices

– LED Light

– Flash Light

– Rechargeable convenient


1) Car emergency start more than 10 times when fully charged.

2) Start the car immediately even in cold weather(-20℃).

3) Capacity :6400/12800/15000 mAh

4) USB output 5V/2A.

5) USB input 5V/2A.

6) Start current 150A

7) Peak current 300A

8) Recycle lifetime 1000 times
9) Production Dimension:143x79x10mm

10) 3 to 5 years using lifetime.

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Skype ID: green-gama