Product Features


Comfort and cool

*Total heat cut off rate has raise to 80%high.
*The temperature in car will drop approximately 5-10°C
* Reduce the dizziness and tiredness of the drivers effectively


*Surpass the 99% if anti-UV effect
*Prevent and protect passengers or drivers from the harm of sun radiation.
*Prevent the colors of the interior decorations faded quickly.
*Prevent the glass from breaking.

Energy saving

* The reduce of the heat lowers the load of the equipment and the depletion of the fuel.
* Extend the air compressor’s age of the equipment and save the extra expense.

Specialized field

*Meet the needs of the customers with our experienced team, persist in the finest quality of
Our product and provide the best service to you.
* Matches the regulations of window film’s visible light transmit in most of the countries.

Specialized field

*Posses 99-100% of Hi-IR cut off rate effect.
*Hi-quality of anti-UV ability (>99%).
*Low visible light reflectance rate.
*100% without metal.